A project of “Bavaria” house is distinguished by its wide functionality. A building area is 253 m2, a total productive area is 265 m2, and a veranda area is 22 m2.

Section: For Individual Customers, Typical projects

It is a house with an attic floor, where are a cabinet, a water-closet with a big laundry, two big dressing rooms, and also a room for drying of underlines and storage of some things.

The first floor is divided into the guest and sleeping zone of a big wardrobe, where is a staircase for access to the attic floor. There are three water-closets on the first floor, and one of which is located in a master bedroom. The second water-closet is for the general use, it has an enormous bath and in-built furniture, and the third water-closet is located at the entrance to the backyard.
There is an own wardrobe room in every of two big child bedrooms.

A large pantry-furnace room, which is conveniently located near the kitchen and which has an access to the backyard, can accommodate an additional chilling equipment, trays with vegetables and other housewares.
A spacious living room, as well as a kitchen with a large dining area and adjoining terrace, will make your home very hospitable and roomy for a wide range of friends and relatives.